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OpTiMax 0425

OpTiMax® 0425 Engineered alumina silicate for improved optical performance

  • Maximize dry hiding
  • Better touch up performance
  • Enhanced scrub resistance
  • High whiteness
  • Good burnish resistance
  • Maximized tint strength

OpTiMaX® 0425 is an engineered alumina silicate designed to provide maximum dry hiding and good scrub resistance in mid to high PVC, interior and exterior architectural coating applications. The key features of OpTiMax® 0425 include high brightness and improved optical and mechanical performance.

OpTiMax® 0425 can be used as a primary functional extender in architectural coatings >60% PVC. Opacifying extenders are used to improve the effectiveness of titanium dioxide in several ways, depending on the type of paint, the properties required and the pigment volume concentration (PVC). Increasing the effectiveness of titanium dioxide allows the formulator to formulate a paint to the required covering power and use less titanium dioxide – reducing overall costs. Paints formulated above CPVC are opaque because of the differences in the refractive index between the ingredients and air voids that occur in the paint film.

OpTiMax® 0425 is recommended for:

  • Water and solvent-borne and coating applications
  • Dry opacity >96 typically required 2 coats to achieve full opacity
  • The commercial mid PVC formulation contains 3-7wt% TiO2
  • The commercial high PVC formulation contains <5wt% TiO2
  • Both the mid and high PVC formulations containing OpTiMax® 0425 contain no TiO2

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