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XCS-Carb Series

XCS-Carb® Series Low silica specialty additive with approved levels of crystalline silica

  • Titanium dioxide extension
  • Reduced crystalline silica content
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ultrafine particle size

XCS-Carb® series is a new generation of engineered ground calcium carbonate specifically designed to meet the environment friendly needs of modern paint and coating systems requiring very low levels of crystalline silica.

XCS-Carb® series is safe and consistent and falls below OSHA’s reportable limit for crystalline silica content. Our proprietary processing methods remove crystalline silica impurities, and due to its ultrafine particle size, makes it a very effective product as a TiO2 spacer providing high light efficiency.

XCS Carb Range of Products:

  • XCS-Carb® 30 is recommended for a broad range of product applications requiring fine particle size such as medium gloss latex and solvent based paints.
  • XCS-Carb® 15 is for formulations requiring attention to crystalline silica levels. It is recommended wherever ultra fine particle sized products are required, such as medium-to-high gloss, water based coatings, coatings for board and ceiling tiles and powder coatings and inks. 
  • XCS-Carb® 10 is recommended for applications of high gloss paint and coatings, powder coatings and inks. 
  • XCS-Carb® 07 is recommended for applications of high gloss paints and coatings where the formulator desires to provide TiO2 extension. It can be used in latex paints to provide sag resistance, drip and thixotropy control. It can also be used in board coatings and inks.


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