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Imerys provides high-quality, natural mineral solutions customized for every step of the pulp, paper, paperboard and printing process.

As the world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industrial applications, Imerys transforms a unique range of minerals to deliver functions that are essential to paper and board products and manufacturing processes. 

  • Our high-performance coating pigments improve the printability and visual appeal of our customer’s paper and board with a focus on coverage, brightness and gloss. 
  • Our functional filler pigments enhance runnability, improve surface properties and promote opacity and brightness. 
  • Our pigments options for cost optimization can reduce raw materials costs by TiO₂ and plastic pigment replacement and fiber extension. 
  • Polymer-free barrier coatings solutions provide board producers and converters with an opportunity to offer sustainable, innovative solutions for tomorrow’s marketplace.
  • Our commercial micro-fibrillated cellulose/ mineral composite products (FiberLean portfolio) allow for fiber replacement, strength improvements, productivity gains and customer product development.
  • Mechanical and chemical pulp bleaching can be enhanced through the use of our magnesium hydroxide bleaching additive, EcoBright™.  This allows for the elimination of magnesium sulfate and significant caustic reduction with a potential to lower peroxide dosages in some systems.  Additional benefits include reduced COD and less carryover to the paper machine.
  • Our talcs and bentonites are excellent environment-friendly solutions for a cleaner paper making process upstream. 
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Barrier Coating Solutions

Mineral and formulation solutions for easily recyclable, environment-friendly barrier coatings.


Clean solutions for pulp production

Imerys mineral solutions are your perfect allies for pulp bleaching and deposit control