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Calcium Carbonate & Kaolin Blends

Calcium Carbonate and Kaolin Blends

  • Single blended pigment
  • Superior brightness & gloss
  • Optimal coverage
  • Single-layer, pre-coat or top-coat applications

Imerys has invested its extensive experience in both carbonate and kaolin minerals in developing a line of ground calcium carbonate (GCC), precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and kaolin blended products for coating paper and board. 

These composite products are flexible in the size of both components and the ratio in which they are combined, depending on the end use. They offer paper and board producers the ability to improve coating kitchen logistics by receiving a single blended pigment.

South American grades

Three blended products are available in South America.

Carbilux G Plus

Carbilux G Plus is a blend of GCC, PCC and kaolin, which gives excellent optical properties in single-layer or topcoat applications. Due to its unique formulation and controlled granulometric distribution, it delivers superior quality in gloss, brightness and coating coverage. 

Carbilux FG

Carbilux FG is a blend of GCC and PCC which provides excellent optical properties and brightness. 

CarboFlex D 950

CarboFlex D950 is a blend of GCC and kaolin which has excellent performance in applications with one layer or pre-coating, improving the print quality in cardboard, matte and coated papers. 

North American grades

Kaocarb 50

Kaocarb 50 is a blend of high brightness ultra-fine ground calcium carbonate and a glossing kaolin for board topcoat applications, imparting brightness, gloss and printability.



We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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