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Capim DG

Capim DG

  • Optimum brightness, gloss & opacity
  • Excellent printing
  • Reduced mottle
  • Improved strength & glueability

Capim DG is a coating clay mined and processed in Brazil with high brightness and steep particle size distribution which combine to provide optimum brightness and opacity while producing excellent printing performance

When used in the top coat, Capim DG delivers optical benefits, increased bulk and improved mottle performance against conventional glossing kaolins. These benefits in bulk and optics can enable gloss to be optimized through calendering. 

The low level of ultrafine particles and low surface area of Capim DG can also pay dividends in terms of coating strength. This can enable binder reduction compared to fine glossing kaolins or give improved glueability in board and packaging applications.

Target applications

  • LWC: Brightness, rheology, MSP runnability, gloss
  • MWC/CFS: Excellent scatter, rheology, gloss, opacity
  • Topcoat CWF: Brightness, reduced mottle, for gloss, silk matte and single coat
  • Coated B&P: Brightness, reduced mottle, glueability


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