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ImerLoop F

ImerLoop™ F A new recycled mineral range for Paper & Board

Range of recycled mineral solutions

Suitable for filler  applications

Circular solution

Improved ecoprofile vs. standard GCC

ImerLoop™ F is a new range of recycled mineral solutions designed for Paper & Board filler applications, which combines a mix of Post Industrial Recycled Material (PIRM) and standard ground calcium carbonates (GCC).

The PIRM used for ImerLoop  is a carbonate raw material, derived from mineral waste, carefully selected and recovered from waste from the pulp and paper industry and transformed by Imerys into a functional mineral for Paper & Board manufacturers.

ImerLoop is a circular solution which:

  •  Provides a channel for re-using waste generated during pulp manufacturing in the form of recycled minerals
  • Comprises at least 40% recycled content
  • Provides similar performance to standard GCC in terms of strength, brightness, opacity and smoothness of the finished product
  • Generates fewer CO2 emissions

ImerLoop F is designed for use in filler applications for paper and board.

The ImerLoop range also includes products for pre-coat and topcoat coating applications (ImerLoop™ C).


ImerLoop™ F is a circular solution

ImerLoop circular solution diagram

Paper windmill

ImerLoop™ F is an Imerys Pioneer product


Our recently introduced Pioneer certificate denotes a product that provides the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, whilst demonstrating a low environmental impact in its production phase compared to its economic value.

More about our SustainAgility program.

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