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Wet-end processing aid

Wet-end processing Imerys bentonite - an effective adsorbent during wet-end processing

Due to its enormous surface and high cation exchange capacity, bentonite forms a highly effective adsorbent and flocculation agent during wet-end processing. 


Bentonite's optimum flocculation behavior and high adsorptive abilities improve fiber, fine, filler and colloidal material retention during sheet forming. 

Bentonite is able to flocculate papermaking material in a suitable micro-structure that maximizes paper quality and improves paper performance.

Additives such as sizing agents and dyes are most efficiently retained in the sheets, improving paper quality and generating cost savings. 


The unique structure of bentonite particles optimizes dewatering behavior. Drainage time of furnish on wire is greatly improved.  Our bentonites are often used in micro-flotation during the de-inking processes, for treatment of internal and external water currents as well as for sludge conditioning helping to reduce paper machine downtime and directly contributing to saving costs.

We recommend our Altonit® grades for retention and dewatering during wet-end processing.

We offer a full range technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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