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Helicoat® Your ideal solution for rotogravure coatings applications

Our Helicoat® range has been specifically designed for rotogravure coatings applications.


  • Reduces core bursts and crepe wrinkles, improving printing press runnability 
  • Improves smoothness, lowering surface friction and enabling jumbo roll production
  • Strengthens resistance to fold breaks during reel changes reducing broke levels
  • Maximizes ink transfer, bringing better image quality in the halftone area and reducing missing dots
  • Allows increased usage of high brightness pigments - including calcium carbonate - in coating formulations in mills operating under alkaline conditions 
  • Gives low high shear viscosity, allowing higher solids and improved fiber coverage, crucial for mail order catalogs and ULWC papers
  • Gives good coating hold-out 

The excellent runnability of our rotogravure coating talcs match the high production speeds used at LWC plants and print houses.

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