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Packaging and paperboard

Packaging & Board Environment-friendly solutions for packaging and paperboard production

Imerys bentonites and talcs make excellent environment-friendly multifunctional wet end additives in packaging and paperboard production. Talcs are also ideal coating pigments improving the quality and printability of coated board. Our hyper platy minerals for barrier coatings are eco-friendly alternatives to extruded polymer and wax-based solutions.

Runnability and process efficiency

In containerboard and cartonboard production, Imerys talc- and bentonite-based Total Deposit Control (TDC) solutions are effective pitch and stickies control agents, removing and neutralizing pitch and stickies that cause deposits in production processes.

In solid board production, Imerys talcs clean virgin pulp, improving the quality and printability of the finished product.

Using Bentonite in wet end processes enhances fines and filler retention.

In all packaging applications, Imerys minerals make environmentally friendly substitutes to chemical stickies control agents and enable mills can work with closed water circuits - reducing river pollution and water consumption.

Printability and converting efficiency

Used as pigments in coating color, Imerys talcs:

  • Improve rotogravure printability, inks cuff resistance and ink gloss
  • Enhance ink snapshot
  • Overcome ink scuff issues 
  • Control surface friction
  • Reduce wear on die cutting tools and converting equipment

Barrier coatings

Imerys has developed a range of hyper platy pigments that enhance the barrier performance of water-based coating solutions for the food and non-food segments of the fiber-based packaging industry. 

These barrier coating formulations provide an environment friendly alternative to wax, fluorochemicals, and petrochemical-based extruded or laminated polymers such as polyethylene.

Imerys minerals ideal for the production of:

  • Containerboard
  • Solid board
  • Wrapping paper
  • Coated board
  • Barrier paperboard

We offer a full range technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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