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Imerys offers the widest portfolio of engineered kaolins, calcium carbonates, micas and wollastonites to serve today's plastics market. 

Imerys engineered minerals make excellent reinforcing fillers, glass-fiber replacements and foaming agents in polypropylene, engineering thermoplastics and thermosets for the production of lightweight automotive parts, domestic appliances, electronic components, construction profiles and food packaging

They provide breathability in hygiene films and reduce resin consumption in nonwoven fiber production. 

Our engineered minerals are used as antiblocking agents and reinforcement agents in packaging and agricultural films.

They can be used to restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics and to mixed polymer feedstocks. They make ideal nucleating agents in biopolymers and semi-crystalline polymers. 

Imerys micas bring multiple benefits to sound damping applications.

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How do you Choose the Right Antiblock Additive?   

Minerals such as Diatomite, Calcined Kaolin and Calcium Carbonate make idea antiblock additives due to their irregular shaped particles and platy structure, which provide fewer film surface contact points hence very low blocking force.


Sound Damping

Imerys micas – your ideal solution for structural vibration damping


Celite for outstanding anti-block performance in plastic films

Imerys Celite® grades are typically used in premium films where excellent clarity and low haze is required.


FiberLink - Calcium carbonate for Nonwoven Applications

FiberLink® is an engineered calcium carbonate which has been specifically designed to enhance nonwovens.