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Automotive Imerys minerals - your green solutions for reinforced and lightweight automotive parts, improved dimensional stability, thermal and electrical conductivity

One of the most critical challenges facing auto manufacturers today is how to reduce the environmental impact of the vehicles they produce. Electric vehicles are also bringing other new challenges with regards to heat management and electrical conductivity.

Imerys minerals make excellent, green multi-functional reinforcement fillers for automotive plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and engineering thermoplastics, allowing manufacturers to meet part specifications, reduce part weight, or entail special functionalities such as electrical conductivity or sound damping.

Imerys minerals are used for partial replacement of glass fiber to improve isotropy and reduce warpage, enhance melt flow and surface aesthetics. 

Imerys high-aspect-ratio wollastonite, Suzorite mica and hyperplaty kaolin enhance plastics performance at elevated temperatures and improve thermal conductivity, which makes them minerals of choice for thermoplastic compounds used to produce under-the-hood parts.


Automotive under-the-hood parts

  • Imerys’s engineered wollastonite, mica and kaolin products improve the stiffness/impact balance of automotive under-the-hood plastics, enhancing heat resistance and CLTE.
  • They can be used to replace or extend glass fiber in automotive polyamides, improving cost/performance ratio as well as isotropic dimensional stability and surface appearance.

Automotive interior parts (instrument panel, dashboard, interior trims, etc.)

  • Imerys wollastonite are excellent reinforcing agents in rigid and foamed automotive plastics, including where recycled plastics are used, where they:
    enhance stiffness, allowing downgauging and weight reduction 
    improves dimensional stability
    provides enhanced color-control and matt surface
  • Imerys mica, kaolin and calcium carbonate products provide a broad range of reinforcement, color (whiteness) and cost options for many interior trim applications..

Automotive exterior parts (bumper, body panels, exterior trims, etc.)

  • Imerys wollastonite generates excellent stiffness, and improved impact, shrinkage and CLTE – ideal for zero gap automotive designs. They are ideal for lightweighting solutions.
  • Imerys wollastonite and mica could be used to replace or extend glass fiber in automotive polyamides, improving cost/performance ratio as well as isotropic dimensional stability and surface appearance.
  • Many automotive exterior trim applications may utilize Imerys kaolin, mica, wollastonite, and calcium carbonate based on the loading level, reinforcement, isotropy, dimensional stability, color, and aesthetic requirements.
  • Imerys Micas are an excellent choice for automotive applications requiring sound damping, especially for underbody heavy layers.


Plastisols and sealants
Plastisols and sealants are widely used in the automotive industry for coating, bonding, sealing, and sound dampening. Imerys calcium carbonate is the primary mineral additive used in plastisols and sealants for automotive applications.  

Resin compatibility
Imerys minerals are compatible with TPO, PA, PBT, PC/PBT and PC/ABS blends, PPE, biopolymers, polyester blends and PVC resins

Recommended grades

Kaolin range

  • Imerys range of Hydrite®, Glomax® and Polarite® hydrous and calcined kaolin products are often used for partial replacement of glass-fiber in polyamide formulations, while they also offer a broad range of functionality for interior and exterior trim applications.

Wollastonite range

  • Imerys Nyglos®, Nyad®, and Aspect® are ideal reinforcing additives in polyamides where they act as a strong reinforcement, improve weld-line strength and dimensional stability, and enhance the performance of flame retardant formulations. 
  • Imerys Nyglos®, Nyad®, and Aspect® are odorless and offer high brightness and high purity, as well as excellent temperature, moisture and chemical resistance.

Mica range

  • Our high aspect ratio Suzorite® (phlogopite) and muscovite mica are ideal for automotive sound damping, as well as improving stiffness, HDT, shrinkage, dimensional stability, and flame retardancy.

Calcium Carbonate Range

  • Our full range of calcium carbonate products find many applications in automotive interior and exterior parts, while Socal® and Winnofil® calcium carbonate ranges are recommended as the basic raw material in plastisols and sealants for automotive applications. 


We offer a full range of custo, formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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