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Automotive Imerys minerals for improved stiffness/impact balance, HDT and dimensional stability of lightweight thermoplastic automotive parts

Imerys minerals make excellent, cost-effective multi-functional reinforcement fillers in lightweight automotive plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and engineering thermoplastics where they improve mechanical, thermal and rheological properties and surface finish/aesthetics. They can also be used as a cost-effective replacement for chopped glass fiber, to improve rheology and isotropy of mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

Automotive under-the-hood parts

  • Imerys's engineered talc, wollastonite and mica improve the stiffness/impact balance of automotive under-the-hood plastics, enhancing heat resistance and CLTE.
  • Talc and wollastonite can partially replace chopped glass fiber in automotive polyamides, improving cost/performance ratio as well as isotropic dimensional stability and surface appearance.
  • Mica is an excellent choice for automotive applications requiring reinforcement, low CLTE and sound damping.
  • Talc improves heat resistance in recycled plastic compounds enabling their use in under-the-hood parts.

Automotive dashboard and interior trim

Imerys talc and wollastonite are ideal reinforcing agents in rigid and foamed automotive plastics and recycled automotive plastics where they:

  • Enhance stiffness, allowing downgaging and weight reduction 
  • Provide better impact resistance
  • Improve dimensional stability, reduce thermal expansion, shrinkage, warpage and anisotropy
  • Provide enhanced color-control and matt surface
  • Optimize scratch and mar resistance

Automotive bumper, body panels and exterior trim

Imerys talc generates superior stiffness/impact balance and a low CLTE - ideal for zero gap automotive designs, including recycled plastics.
They are ideal for lightweighting.

  • Talc and wollastonite can be used to replace or extend glass fiber in automotive polyamides, improving cost/performance ratio as well as isotropic dimensional stability and surface appearance.
  • For weather resistant automotive exterior trim, we particularly recommend our high purity, lamellar, ultra fine talc grades.

Imerys minerals are used in semi crystalline and amorphous thermoplastics.

Recommended grades

Talc range

  • Our high aspect ratio HAR® and HAR® 3G talcs make ideal reinforcement fillers in automotive polypropylene (PP) where they maximize stiffness and heat distortion temperature. They minimize shrinkage and thermal expansion in plastic compounds making them ideal for zero gap designs.
  • Our Jetfine® range of ultrafine talcs improves impact resistance at maximum stiffness and dimensional stability in automotive PP and engineering thermoplastics.
  • Our CrysTalc® range is an excellent nucleating agent in PA for under the hood applications and in PP for automotive dashboard and interior trim applications.
  • Our JetFil® range of beneficiated talcs, derived from extremely platy North American talc ore, are also ideally suited for automotive applications.

Imerys talc grades are available in compacted form for easy handling, less dusting, improved housekeeping, increased compounding throughput and dosing accuracy.

Wollastonite range

  • Our Nyglos® range of high aspect ratio wollastonite  is an ideal reinforcement filler in engineering thermoplastics (ETP) where it  improves stiffness, HDT and rheology including in fire retardant formulations.
  • Nyglos® products are high purity and high brightness which makes them suitable for natural color and color matching compounds. 

Mica range

  • Our Suzorite® high aspect ratio phlogopite grades are ideal for automotive sound damping, as well as for improving stiffness, HDT, shrinkage, and dimensional stability in under-the-hood parts.

Certain Imerys finer grades are available in compacted form for enhanced compounding throughput and dosing accuracy.

HAR® 3G talcs

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

Please contact us, we will be only too happy to help.

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