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Electrical Properties

Electrical Properties High purity carbon blacks for electrostatic discharge dissipation and improved conductivity

Imerys carbon blacks are excellent solutions for preventing electrostatic discharge and improving conductivity.

Plastic is a common electrical insulating material that charges quickly when in contact with other materials such as other plastics, wood, and metals. However, plastic can discharge just as quickly if the energy potential is high enough—with potentially dramatic consequences in explosive environments. In the electronics industry, even a weak electrostatic discharge can change the electrical characteristics of a device, damaging or destroying it completely.

In order to use them in environments where it is critical to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD), plastics need to be made electrically conductive or static dissipative. The most effective way of dissipating electrostatic discharge is to add conductive carbon black to the polymer matrix.

Conductive carbon blacks are special branched carbons with a graphitic structure that are able to transport the flow of electrons. At a certain concentration point of carbon blacks (percolation threshold), a conductive network is formed inside the insulating polymeric matrix that, if grounded, can dissipate the electrostatic charges formed. Conductive carbon black filled plastics can cover a wide range of resistivity reaching a few Ohm.cm at high loadings.

Imerys ENSACO® carbon blacks are a special family of electrically conductive carbon blacks, produced though a proprietary method that delivers extremely pure products with many advantages over the conventional alternatives.

ENSACO® carbon blacks:

  • are extremely easily dispersible due to their low surface area
  • demonstrate low moisture pick up
  • improve surface smoothness
  • demonstrate excellent shear strength

ENSACO® typical values

Electrical conductivity in HDPE

ENSACO® conductive carbon blacks are the solution of choice for conductive and anti-static plastics compounds.

Used in combination with other additives, they also provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.


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