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Ensaco® Ensaco® conductive and extra conductive carbon blacks for polymers

  • High electrical conductivity
  • High purity
  • Easy dispersion
  • Easy compounding and processing with high extrusion throughput
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Good balance of mechanical, flow, electrical and dynamic properties
  • Improved stability to shear

Ensaco® carbon blacks are a special family of electrically conductive carbon blacks, produced though a proprietary method, that delivers extremely pure products with many advantages over conventional alternatives.

Ensaco® conductive carbon blacks are the solution of choice for conductive and anti-static plastics compounds.

Used in combination with other additives, they also provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

Ensaco® typical values

Ensaco® typical effects on polymer compounds

Electrical conductivity in HDPE

Final applications include:

  • Electronic packaging
  • Packaging for flammable products
  • Anti-static flooring
  • Fuel hoses and tanks
  • Industrial pipes
  • ATEX and ESD
  • EMI shielding
  • Power cables and accessories
  • Conveyor and transmission belts
  • Cylinder covering
  • Rollers
  • Safety systems and switches
  • Heating systems
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Anti-vibration systems

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