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Lightweighting and wall reduction

Lightweighting & wall reduction Imerys minerals for stiffer, lighter plastics

With the ever-increasing focus on environmental issues, automotive and packaging producers are striving to produce effective products using lighter materials. Imerys natural talcs reinforce the polymeric matrix making them a perfect green solution for reducing plastic part weight.

Used in rigid plastics for automotive or packaging applications, Imerys talcs:

  • Increase stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Improve impact resistance compared to other reinforcing additives
  • Lower the carbon footprint of the end product
  • Lower CO2 emissions associated with heavier car parts

Automotive solutions

In automotive applications, Imerys delaminated high aspect ratio HAR® and third generation HAR® 3G talcs are ideal for replacing more conventional jet-milled talcs in automotive bumpers or interior trim formulations.

For example, a 15% loading of HAR® talc confers similar stiffness and overall performance as 20% standard talc and enables a 5% reduction in part density.

Our Jetfine® ultrafine talcs are an excellent solution for achieving the right impact / stiffness balance in automotive parts.


In PP thermoformed packaging, our JetFil® talc and Mistropack® concentrate solution:

  • Improve rigidity
  • Reduce finished product weight
  • Lower production costs
  • Improve production throughput

For example, in sheet plastics a 10% loading of Mistropack® allows 8% decrease in sheet thickness.

Foamed plastics

In foamed plastics, new Mistrocell® micro-lamellar talcs are excellent cell nucleation agents which generate foamed plastics with a high cell density that are just as robust as unfilled plastics. 

For example, a 5% loading of Mistrocell® allows a 10% reduction in part weight at the same apparent stiffness.

HAR® 3G talcs

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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