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Imerys offers a vast portfolio of functional additives to enhance the properties of rubber and elastomer compounds that include air float kaolin, ball clay, calcium carbonate, diatomite, kaolin, mica and wollastonite.

Imerys minerals are key ingredients in rubber compounds for the production of a wide range of end products such as tires, flooring, industrial and consumer goods, cables and pharmaceutical stoppers. They improve processability, barrier properties, electrical properties, fire resistance, compression set and tear resistance.

We refine and engineer these minerals through proprietary processes that influence their chemical and physical properties, including size, shape, structure and surface chemistry, to obtain the exact properties our customers require while optimizing the cost-performance ratio in their final products. 

Imerys minerals improve the dispersion of reinforcing fillers to reduce mixing time. They enable the downgauging of tire inner liners and can contribute to better fuel efficiency.

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ReMined - Minimizing environmental impact on a variety of applications

ReMined pre-consumer recycled calcium carbonate provides high quality and consistency while minimizing the environmental impact for a variety of product applications. 


SuprexTM - Premium air float kaolin filler for rubber applications

SuprexTM is a hard air float kaolin that has been air separated to reduce impurities and control particle size distribution. 


Glomax® Series - For electrical insulation in medium to high voltage cables

Glomax® a high purity calcined kaolin designed to provide low conductivity for medium and high voltage electrical applications where volume resistivity is crucial and low tan delta is required.


Polarite® Series - For electrical insulation properties and improved processing

The Polarite range is a line of silane-treated calcined clays. Polarite grades are particularly suited for boosting the properties of medium to high voltage cables and extruded products.