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Automotive Imerys minerals improve the chemical-physical properties and performance of rubber automotive components

Automotive applications include exposure to some of the toughest environments rubber parts have to endure. Using Imerys minerals as processing aids and multifunctional fillers in rubber automotive components helps them meet stringent design specifications and stand the test of time. Imerys offers an extensive portfolio of minerals to improve the mechanical properties, permeability, compression set, aesthetics and overall performance of tires, under-the-hood and hydraulics parts, hoses, car body seals and fluoroelastomer (FKM) fuel injector O-rings.

Tire inner liners


Imerys minerals are the perfect solution for producing tires with low rolling resistance (LRR).

Imerys high aspect ratio talcs improve the impermeability of inner liners, lowering rolling resistance, enabling downgauging and contributing to better fuel efficiency. Used in partial replacement of carbon black, our high aspect ratio Mistron HAR® talcs provides improved barrier properties without impairing the mechanical performance and flowability of the compound. Mistron HAR® enables tire manufacturers to reduce tire permeability by up to 40%.


Our Polwhiteproduct can be incorporated at significant loading, reducing formulation costs and improving permeability performance at standard inner liner gauge.

Gaskets, hoses and seals

Partial replacement of carbon black

Imerys minerals are excellent partial replacements for carbon black in O-rings, car door seals, gaskets and hoses. 
Partial replacement of carbon black by mineral fillers:

  • Improves compound flow
  • Maintains mechanical properties
  • Improves thermal and weather aging
  • Improves impermeability
  • Reduces electrical conductivity

Compression set

The primary use of automotive gaskets and seals are to keep liquids (fuel, oils and brake fluids) and gases (air conditioning gas, exhaust gases) in or to keep them out.  To do this, gaskets and seals must have excellent compressive properties.
We recommend our calcined kaolin products, PoleStar and Glomaxranges for improving compression set in gaskets and seals.


One of the most important characteristics defining hose performance is impermeability. Once installed, hoses generally have a long life-cycle in potentially harsh environments.  Aging performance is therefore crucial. Imerys high aspect ratio talcs such as our Mistron HAR® confer excellent barrier properties to rubber compounds, reducing permeability significantly.  This key attribute offers new possibilities for hose end-use performance, such as fuel hoses, and enables downgauging.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical performance of automotive hoses is also crucial. Our Suprex and Hexafilhydrous clays are excellent solutions for boosting mechanical performance in hoses.

Car body seals

Talc is an excellent choice for eliminating yellowing and iridescence in EPDM car body seals guaranteeing a better long-term appearance of EPDM profiles. Replacing carbon black with talc also enhances mattifying and reduces electrical conductivity.

Calcined kaolin provides outstanding extrusion properties, producing excellent surface finish and low compression set. Calcined kaolin also reduces electrical conductivity and protects against corrosion

We recommend our Mistron® talc and PoleStar and Glomaxcalcined clays for EPDM applications. 

Fluoroelastomer O-rings for fuel injector seals

Fluoroelastomers (FKM) are in the most challenging sealing applications. Seals produced from FKM provide the optimal balance of thermal resistance, chemical resistance and sealing strength.  

Used in colored applications, Imerys wollastonites provide:

  • Reduced compound viscosity
  • Equivalent hardness
  • Good aging properties
  • Low compression set

We recommend our Wollastocoat® range for FKM applications.

Imerys flux-calcined diatomaceous earth such as our CelTix product is also suitable solutions for both white and colored FKM applications where it provides low compression set and reduced oil swelling.

Chemical release agents

Imerys talc is an excellent anti-sticking agent in compound handling, processing and part manufacture. Coarse and platy talc grades are ideal for use in powder form or as talc-water coatings to prevent unvulcanized rubber-to-rubber adhesion in tire demolding, the manufacture of rubber goods and for cable compounds.

We recommend:

  • Luzenac 2 coarse grade for mechanical powdering
  • Luzenac 10M2 finer grade for water coatings



We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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