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Industrial and Consumer Goods

Industrial and Consumer Goods Imerys minerals improve the performance and durability of molded and extruded parts for industrial applications and consumer goods

Imerys minerals are key ingredients for boosting the performance of rubber applications ranging from domestic appliance seals and hoses to footwear and flooring.

Used as multifunctional fillers and processing aids, Imerys Kaolin and Carbonates improve the properties of conventional or thermoplastic rubber products such as gaskets and seals for domestic appliances, cables, shoe soles, flooring and mattresses.


Industrial flooring must be resistant to wear and tear, have excellent non-slip properties and provide a comfortable cushioned feel that can endure heavy duty use without losing properties. Other desirable properties include superior resistance to marking and excellent compression set along with low VOC emissions.

Rubber flooring is typically based upon SBR and natural rubbers.

Imerys semi-reinforcing kaolins, often blended with precipitated silica, provide good abrasion and tear properties in SBR and natural rubber flooring.  

We recommend:

  • Hydrite® hydrous clay and finer kaolins, Polarite®, Suprex to improve the mechanical properties, compression set and marking resistance of flooring applications.

Gaskets and Seals

Industrial gaskets and seals are often injection molded articles that are significantly deformed during production. In particular, a washing machine seal undergoes extreme stretching during de-molding.  As such, the gasket/seal must have outstanding hot tear resistance coupled with excellent tension and compression set properties.

We recommend:

  • Calcined kaolins such as our Polestar® and Glomax® grades due to the excellent compression and tension set performance they provide. 
  • Silane coated Polestar® and Glomax® calcined kaolins for providing quality surface finishing and flow in extruded profiles.

Shoe Soles

Shoe soles need to be extremely tough and highly resistant to abrasion and tear.

  • Imerys kaolin such as our Suprex and Mercap grades improve the mechanical properties and abrasion resistance of rubber shoe soles. 
  • Calcium carbonate is used in rubber, TPE, PVC and polyurethane footwear as a non-reinforcing diluent to reduce costs.
  • Ball Clay is used in the rubber shoe soles - we recommend our Martin #5, Micro Bond, and M33 grades to improve reinforcement and abrasion resistance.

Carpet Backing

Imerys solutions are designed to optimize the functional properties of your product performance, while also improving your manufacturing processes. Imerys products can reduce your total cost of production, logistic costs as well as raw material costs.

Imerys minerals offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Improved impact resistance  and durability through better particle packing
  • Improved flexural strength
  • Optimized particle size for form formation & tuft adhesion
  • Improved viscosity for production
  • Boost loading levels
  • Replace higher cost resins with minerals
  • Improved reinforcement
  • Improved dispersion

We recommend:

  • ReMined 15
  • ReMined 40
  • 200-W
  • CC-103

Foam Mattresses

Our Polcarb® calcium carbonates are good solutions for optimizing costs in latex foam mattresses.

Partitioning Agents

Imerys minerals are an excellent anti-sticking agent in compound handling, processing and part manufacturing. Coarse and platy kaolin and carbonate grades are ideal to prevent unvulcanized rubber-to-rubber adhesion in tire demolding, the manufacture of rubber goods and for cable compounds.

We recommend:

  • Imerseal 75 - a surface modified, ultra-fine particle size carbonate
  • Glomax® LL - a medium particle size calcined kaolin

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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