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Pharmaceutical closures

Pharmaceutical closures Imerys minerals improve the mechanical and physical properties of medical stoppers

Imerys talcs and calcined clays improve the barrier properties and resealability of rubbers used for medical stoppers allowing them to meet strict design specifications regarding contact of vulcanized rubbers with pharmaceuticals.

Medical stoppers are vital for sealing and securing liquid or powdered drugs and antibiotics, including insulins, in their bottles. The surface of these rubber stoppers must be of the highest quality, so that the syringe removes the correct dosage of medicine and then reseals completely. When produced using best-in-class ingredients, including minerals, rubber pharmaceutical stoppers safely mitigate the risk of contamination, which is especially critical for bottles that require repeated use.

Imerys has been supplying engineered materials produced from talc and calcined clay to manufacturers of medical stoppers for over 40 years.

Imerys talcs and calcined clays provide the barrier properties, resealabilty and durability critical to prevent substances contained in bottles from oxidizing. These minerals reinforce the rubber and improve its thermal resistance while maintaining or enhancing key existing properties.

Imerys minerals:

  • Improve barrier properties, hence impermeability
  • Improve resealability of bottles
  • Are ideal reinforcing agents, improving mechanical properties of stoppers
  • Are effective processing aids, lowering compound viscosity and improving compound flow
  • Provide good thermal resistance and color retention, extending service life
  • Are chemically inert and do not react with medical substances, having no effect on the level of reducing substances, pH and UV light adsorption
  • Are natural, environmentally friendly solutions

We recommend our talc grades for improving barrier properties in pharmaceutical stopper applications, especially when low compression set, low fragmentation and high tear resistance are required.

We recommend our calcined clay grades for multi-dose rubber stoppers where resealability is required.

Please contact us to find the solution which best meets your particular product requirements. 

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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