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  • Reduced air permeability
  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Better processability

Polwhite is a range of hydrous kaolins produced from our deposits in the UK and France.

The Polwhite range offers customers the opportunity to select a hydrous kaolin based upon different medium particle sizes, surface area, bulk density and color to best meet their application requirements.

Polwhite hydrous kaolin



Polwhite is a range of hydrous kaolins from the UK and France.

Polwhite kaolins are designed to improve the mechanical properties of numerous elastomeric systems, such as EPDM and SBR.

Depending upon the grade of Polwhite selected, their physical parameters can impart an improvement in different properties including air permeability, mechanical reinforcement and processability.

Powhite grades are suitable for improving the properties of, among others:

  • Cable sheathing
  • Tire inner-liners
  • Flooring
  • Hoses



We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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