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Tires High aspect ratio talcs enhance impermeability of tire inner liners enabling downgaging

Imerys talcs are your perfect solution for LRR tires. Imerys high aspect ratio talcs improve the impermeability of inner liners, lowering rolling resistance, enabling downgaging and contributing to better fuel efficiency.

High aspect ratio talcs reduce permeability of tire inner liners

Engineered talcs, such as our Mistron HAR® are ideal for high impermeability applications such as tire inner liners. Developed using a unique, patented delamination process, Mistron HAR® has a higher aspect ratio than standard micronized talcs and provides improved barrier properties without impairing the mechanical performance and flowability of the compound. Mistron HAR® is your ideal solution for LRR tires. LRR tires generate fuel savings and reduce CO2 emissions.

Used as a partial replacement to less environmentally friendly carbon black, Mistron HAR®:

  • Improves barrier properties hence impermeability
  • Enhances mechanical properties, giving better fatigue resistance
  • Enables tire manufacturers to downgage inner tire liners
  • Improves rolling resistance leading to fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Limits oxygen diffusion through the carcass preventing steel cord corrosion and improving durability
  • Diminishes plasticizer evaporation, giving better thermal resistance and extending service life
  • Is an effective processing aid lowering compound viscosity and improving compound flow
  • Is a natural, environmentally friendly solution

Blending more permeable elastomers such as natural rubber with Mistron HAR® filled halobutyl elastomer can also lead to substantial savings as air permeability is the same as for pure halobutyl compounds.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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