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Wollastocoat® For carbon black replacement in color-sensitive fluoroelastomer applications

Wollastocoat® wollastonite is a fine particle size, low aspect ratio calcium silicate which has been chemically modified. 


Wollastocoat® is particularly recommended for replacing carbon black in color-sensitive fluoroelastomer (FKM) O-ring and gasket applications.


Replacing carbon back N990 by coated wollastonite Wollastocoat® M1250 (at the same phr) in a fluoroelastomer (FKM) with a bisphenol cure system:

  • Improves the compression set
  • Shortens curing times
  • Maintains torque

Wollastocoat M1250
Wollastocoat M1250

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